Happy holidays!!


Happy Holidays from PCD!!



First live prototype! Pre order yours today!
"Im 50 female I live in what most would say is not the best part of town gun shots are common place usually at night. I live with my adult daughter
I do a few different things for work . I sub contract out home repair jobs As side work and I also work spesial events , brand ambassator sales and marketing. I talk to a lpt of peaple and travel alot at night . I think wearing your product will make me less aprochable when im stopping at rest areas"-Janet

Happy Holidays!!


What are some things at the top of your Christmas wishlist? 
"I do repo work. I live with my wife and son. I have found that people that notice a weapon like a gun won't try to excel in violence and just seeing that will calm a situation and make them be more aware of what's going on and make them understand and think more clearly in a situation that they don't want to happen but don't have a choice in."-James

"Hello Im a custodian and full time student and your product will really help me because I live in an area where crime and violence happens often and your product will give me an advantage so im not like a sitting duck"-Michael
PCD is happy to announce its unveiling  January 15, at the 2015 Small business expo in Miami next month. We will also be presenting our exciting new line of products to the producers of "Shark Tank!"